Top Seven Things to Do in a Kenya Safari Tour
Published Date : 30/03/19 , published by : Admin
Safari tours in Kenya offer a variety of attractions ranging from vast plains packed with game and cultural experiences with the Masai and Samburu folks to enjoying the coastal ecstasy on the palm fringed beaches of the Indian Ocean. It offers a true tropical bliss. The diversity and magnificence of the Kenyan wildlife and landscape is unparalleled. To take delight in exploring Kenya’s true side and witness the spectacular Great Migration at Masai Mara it is always better to hire a reliabl
Cultural Tours and Safaris in Kenya
Published Date : 16/02/19 , published by : Admin
Kenya has 42 different native tribes and each has their own beliefs, traditions and practices. Most of the cultural tour involve visiting authentic remote villages, cities and townships. The cultures can be reflected in the clothing, daily life, food types, art and also architecture. Cultural tours help to raise awareness about the challenges that these tribes face, the imporatant role that they play in society and also the fees charged upon entry help to improve their daily lives. These fund
The interesting creatures that amaze you during 3 Days Masai Mara Luxury Safari
Published Date : 05/01/19 , published by : Admin
The 3 Days Masai Mara Luxury Safari that we at BuyMore Adventures make possible to you will not offer you comfort but it is where you will have the pleasure of having a close encounter with varied species of animals. The Big Five The nearness of the considerable number of individuals from Big Five in Kenya during our 3 Days Masai Mara Safari regularly comes to visitors as a shock. Nevertheless, much the same as in other nations where you can detect every one of the individuals from Big Five,

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