The Kenya Lodge Safaris That Will Surpass Your Expectations
Published Date : 28/08/18 , published by : Admin
When you are in Kenya and expect to have the best that you can expect you need to be part of the Kenya Lodge Safaris that we organize. We at BuyMore Adventures being a reputed member of Kenya Association of Tour Operators and The International Ecotourism Society makes things happen as you desire. Our dedicated staffs have many years of experience in the travel industry and our guides are first-aid trained and handpicked locally with a vast knowledge of birdlife, wildlife and the cultural aspects
Tanzania Wildlife Safaris – Witnessing Wilderness of Tanzania to the Fullest!
Published Date : 30/07/18 , published by : Admin
Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and unique safari destinations in the world, that offers plenty to see and do in terms of wildlife, game spotting opportunities as well as the magnificent and spectacular landscape.Tanzania wildlife safaris are ranked among top safari choices for both the first timers as well as experienced safari goers! Wildebeest migration, this is what Tanzania is famed for! This largest spectacular mass migration of land animals on the planet attracts travelers from a
Discover Kenya with an exclusive and informative guidance while on the budget Tours
Published Date : 22/06/18 , published by : Admin
Kenya is an East African country renowned for one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations and it offer spectacular game reserves with an abundance of wildlife. It exemplifies with its rich wildlife in the land of incredible ecological and cultural diversity. Our Kenya Budget Tours is the best resource designed for travelers along with our top travel guides that have the firsthand experience of life in the bush and untouched landscapes filled with spectacular game drive. Kenya budget t

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