Reasons to be in Uganda for a Safari Experience
Published Date : 10/07/19 , published by : Admin
Uganda gives its spell a role as soon as you land at the airport, with a cold breeze blowing in from Lake Victoria, one of the most prominent freshwater bodies on the planet, contending that with the warm beams of sun that symbolizes the friendliness of its people. The air is completely clear with excellent grins, friendly invites, elegant dances, amazing scenes, scrumptious nourishment, and abundant birds and creature life. In basic terms, you could state Uganda is condensed Africa, with the
Best Lodges in Kenya to Stay During a Safari
Published Date : 01/06/19 , published by : Admin
When you think about a Kenya safari, which goal springs to mind? For first-time travelers, it is the Masai Mara, the sun-heated savannah fields, dissipated with vast groups of untamed life. Head straight for these fields and there is a surety that you will have incredible significant game sightings, yet you could likewise end up in a swarm of minibuses all shaking for space around an ongoing cheetah murder. Nevertheless, the world-well-known Masai Mara Game Reserve is a long way from Kenya
Top Seven Things to Do in a Kenya Safari Tour
Published Date : 30/03/19 , published by : Admin
Safari tours in Kenya offer a variety of attractions ranging from vast plains packed with game and cultural experiences with the Masai and Samburu folks to enjoying the coastal ecstasy on the palm fringed beaches of the Indian Ocean. It offers a true tropical bliss. The diversity and magnificence of the Kenyan wildlife and landscape is unparalleled. To take delight in exploring Kenya’s true side and witness the spectacular Great Migration at Masai Mara it is always better to hire a reliabl

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