Kenya is also known as "The Cradle of Mankind" and a world renowned pre-historic heritage destination with fossils dating over 100 million years back. These remains are preserved in various archaeological sites and museums around the country and most of them are close to where

these fossils were excavated. During this tour you will visit four of the most popular sites where you will also see the ancient tools and human / animal remains which are highly preserved to avoid decomposition. You can also find records of fauna and plant species related to the evolution theory such as elephants and crocodiles.

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Tour Information

  • Max Guests : 0
  • Min Age : 0+
  • Tour Location : (The National Museums of Kenya, Olorgasalie Pre-Historic Site, Kariandusi Pre-Historic Site, Hyrax Hill Pre-Historic Site)
  • English

Tour Plan

Our team meets you on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport and after a short introduction and briefing about the tour you are driven to your hotel where you will spend the night. All meals are served at your hotel. Overnight at Sentrim Boulevard Hotel https://www.sentrimhotels.net/index.php/sentrim-boulevard-hotels-in-nairobi-kenya

Breakfast at leisure then walk for a short distance to the National Museums of Kenya which is just 5 minutes away. You will spend the rest of the day here. The museum aims to interpret Kenya's rich heritage and offers a one stop shop for education and leisure. The artworks and materials used in the fabrication of outdoor sculptures, the landscaping and the botanic gardens, link to the four pillars of Kenya’s national heritage i.e. nature, culture, history and contemporary art. After the tour you will walk back to the hotel where you will have your meals and spend the night. Overnight at Sentrim Boulevard Hotel https://www.sentrimhotels.net/index.php/sentrim-boulevard-hotels-in-nairobi-kenya

Early breakfast then depart from the hotel with picnic lunch and start off the drive to Olorgasalie Pre-Historic Site near Lake Magadi which takes about 2 ½ hrs. This area was an area of intensive habitation and activity by a population of Homo erectus, around 500,000 years ago. The excavations here have uncovered plenty of fossils, tools and early artifacts. The museum is also known as the “factory of stone tools” and the only place in the world with the largest number of hand axes and representing some of the first camping places of early man. Researchers, Dr. and Mrs. Leakey, started investigations on the site in 1942 where they found important evidence that concerns the habits and activities of early prehistoric peoples of the Acheuleus or “Hand axe” culture. Olorgasalie has excellently preserved biological and cultural evidence about the evolution of man. After the visit you will drive back to Nairobi where you will spend the night. Overnight at Sentrim Boulevard Hotel https://www.sentrimhotels.net/index.php/sentrim-boulevard-hotels-in-nairobi-kenya

Early breakfast then check out of the hotel and drive for about 3hrs towards Nakuru. You will reach Kariandusi Site for a tour of the facility which was unearthed by Louis Leakey in the 1920’s and has been a rich source of prehistoric obsidian tools, made by early humans between 1.4 million and 200,000 years ago. Most of the tools found at Kariandusi are cutting implements which seem to have been used for butchering meat. A rise in the Lake level drove pre-historic men from their lake-side home and buried all the tools and weapons which they left behind in a hurry. The Acheulian stage of the great hand-axe culture, to which this site belongs, is found over a very widespread area from England, France, and Southwest Europe generally to Cape Town. The museum also has a nature trail, exhibition hall, picnic site and a very good scene for bird watching. After the tour you are transferred to the shores of Lake Elementaita where you will spend the night. Overnight at Sentrim Elementaita Lodge https://www.sentrimhotels.net/index.php/sentrim-lake-elementaita-lodge-hotels

Early breakfast then depart from Elementaita and drive for an hour to the Hyrax Hill Museum which is close to Nakuru. The site gets its name from the hyraxes which used to be found in abundance living in the rock cracks found in this area. The Museum is a former farmhouse ceded to the monument in 1965, by the Late Mr. A. Selfe. A small museum was opened here where artifacts from the Hyrax Hill site and other sites in the Central Rift Valley are displayed. Numerous sites around the hill belong to different time periods with the earliest finds dating back to the Neolithic period. There is evidence in the form beach sands that a fresh water Lake once extended right to the base of the hill; turning the hill into a peninsular or even an island. The mighty prehistoric lake is believed to have covered the valley from Nakuru to Lake Elementaita about 8,500 years ago. Traces of it have been found at Hyrax Hill, the Wakumi Burial Site, and Gambles cave amongst other places. After the tour you will drive to Nakuru where you will spend the night. Overnight at Moonlight Hotel Nakuru https://www.clairedelunemoonlighthotel.com/

After breakfast you will check out of the hotel with picnic lunch and enter Lake Nakuru National Park where you will enjoy a relaxing morning game drive in the park which is a famous white rhino sanctuary. You will also visit the scenic observation hill or baboon cliff where you will see the lake from the view point. Other animals found in this park include herbivores, predators, many birds and reptiles. After the game drives, you are driven back to Nairobi with a lunch stop on the way. You will arrive in Nairobi by evening and be transferred to your most preferred location within the city.

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Tour Amenities

  • Car Parking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Free Coupons
  • Smoking Allowed
  • Laundry service
  • Wireless Internet
  • - Entry fees to all attractions
  • - Airport pick up / drop off
  • - Transfers to all attractions in a private safari vehicle
  • - Full board accommodation in stated hotels
  • - Clean drinking water during the safari
  • - Professionally trained English speaking tour guide
  • - Government taxes
  • - Any optional activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • - Alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages, laundry, visa, email, etc.
  • - Local or international flights
  • - Tips
  • - Vaccinations and visa etc.

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