Why Kenya is the Ideal Destination for All Photographers

If you love to click landscape, portrait, macro or wildlife photographs, you cannot avoid being part of our luxury safari in Kenya. It would be possible for you to view and capture giraffes galloping, playful leopard cubs, and Masai people in their habitat. It would be possible for you to find a location in Kenya where you can witness all these. If you are a photographer, it would be the ideal opportunity to click on your dream photographs.

Let us have a look at some photographic opportunities that you can have when you are on luxury safaris in Kenya with us at BUYMORE Adventures.

The wildlife migration
When you are a member of the Kenya luxury safaris that we organize, it is for sure that you will be at Masai Mara. It is southwest of Nairobi and you can be there via road or air. There are various ways that give you the ideal opportunity to capture wildlife photography. Our expert guide will take you close to the wildebeests and you can capture moments of excitement orchestrated by the various wildlife residing in Masai Mara. You can also be a Masai village and capture their daily way of life.

However, the real excitement is capturing the movement of the wildebeests while they cross the Mara River during the wildebeest migration. It is possible to have aerial photographs and capture them as they make their way to the Serengeti. Having such pictures will enable you to have in your possession one of the natural wonders, that you as a photographer would not like to miss.

You need to have the best DSLR camera and a fast-writing SD card so that you can capture the exciting moments as they unfold.

Photographic opportunity at Nairobi National Park
If you are in Nairobi National Park, you can have the opportunity to combine wildlife and city photography. The park is the natural habitat of many wildebeests like black rhinos, giraffes, zebras, leopards and lions. You can capture the pictures of these wildebeests having towering skyscrapers of Nairobi city as the backdrop.

As you finish capturing the wildebeests you can be in Nairobi City to capture the historic architecture, the wonderful markets, animal sanctuaries and the heritage museum.

You need to be in the park just after sunrise or before sunset. The atmosphere will help you to capture the best wildlife photographs. You need to highlight the subjects and use natural colours to develop superb shots.

Capture the bird life and Alpine flora of Mount Kenya
If you are at Mount Kenya, it is possible to capture the best of bird life and Alpine flora. It is a place that offers the best opportunity for wildlife and landscape photography in Kenya.

You can also be at Amboseli National Park to capture amazing pictures of herds of elephants.

We just discussed a few of the photographic opportunities that you can have during a luxury safari in Kenya that we organize. It is best to be in contact with us so that we can customize a safari according to your desires.

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