Things That You Shouldn’t Miss On A Kenya Trip

Kenya isn’t your typical package holiday destination offered by a Kenya safari company. For a lot of travelers, a safari in Kenya is a once in a lifetime experience with memories that will remain with them for the rest of their life. Whether you’re visiting Kenya to catch sight of the safari or explore new sights, the possibilities for adventure & discovery while on holiday here are just in plenty. There are plenty of things that you simply can’t miss in Kenya. Let’s talk briefly about these things you do not want to miss:

Mara Naboisho Conservancy:
This popular conservancy located in the greater Mara province unites wildlife sanctuary with community involvement & provides exceptional viewing of elephants, giraffes,and big cats.

Lake Turkana Cultural Festival:
Join a group of local tribes for 3-days of traditional dance and songs in a chilled, international ambiance. Instituted in 2008 by the German embassy & collaborate with National Museums of Kenya, members of all the communities of the northwest – Burji, Borana, Gabbra, Konso, Samburu, Turkana and Somali – gather in thousands to dance & sing.

Warrior Training in Maasai:
Check in a Maasai-driven eco-camp & you will have the opportunity to learn the ways of warrior hood – which you will quickly discover involves play-fighting with sticks and jumping & singing altogether.

Lake Naivasha:
This lake is a bit frightening – but is immensely pictorial, with its lilac mountain background & floating isles of papyrus & water hyacinth. Lake Naivasha is the ideal getaway from Nairobi as it offers excellent backpacker hostels, boating, hippos, a music festival, a rich range of birdlife and the sheltered Crater Lake Game Sanctuary.

Nairobi National Park:
The national park is home to almost all Kenya’s huge mammals, encompassing the largest of Kenya’s antelopes, the eland. The national park is also a great place to spend time during a flight layover, before an evening flight, and you have a high possibility of witnessing certain species, particularly black rhino, which might well elude in the larger parks in Kenya.

There’s nowhere on the planet like the old nautical town of Lamu, with a maze of alleys, a fort and cool lodging on each corner.

Lake Nakuru:
From a distance, it seems like it’s a lake with an enormous beach. As you move toward the lake, it turns out to be a beach with an unbelievable inhabitant of pink flamingos. Two to three million flamingos approach this lake because ofa large number of algae species in the water. This popular lake is considered to bea UNESCO World Heritage since 2011.

Desert Lake:
Get into the shoreline of Lake Turkana in the desolate lands nearby the Ethiopian border where the weather is unsympathetic, life unstable and the landscapes seemingly beautiful.

A Kenya safari is not all about seeing the annual wildebeest migration, but there are plenty of other fascinating things to enjoy as well. By going a little off the beaten path you can actually explore the valley, animal species and fauna of nature which you have not even imagined of. A reliable Kenya Safari Company like Buy More Adventures can certainly help you with that.

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