Kenya Budget Safari: Join the Life-Changing Adventure

Kenya Budget Safari

Most travelers love to go on a safari at least once in their life. Kenya may be considered the ideal destination for this activity. This is due to Maasai Mara, which boasts the highest density of mammals in any National Park worldwide! Numerous travelers, particularly those on a tight budget, end up feeling disheartened upon discovering the high costs associated with visiting. It proves to be unaffordable for a significant number of budget-conscious travelers, including backpackers.

Are you a traveler who feels that the cost is a constraint while embarking on a Kenya lodge safari? Are you dreaming of seeing the ‘big five’, the Great Migration, and the diverse species of mammals in Kenya but think about the costs involved in it? Are you interested in immersing yourself in the authentic wildlife and natural beauty of Africa without exceeding your budget? Do you want to get a better deal? one of the most common ways is to book our Kenya budget safari! Our budget Kenya safari offers some more affordable travel options for holidaymakers! You can enjoy a similar experience without spending a fortune.
Kenya lodge safari

What is included in this package?

• Round-trip transportation to and from Nairobi

• Three daily meals (excluding beverages)

• Basic tent accommodation (often shared) located outside of the National Park

• Inclusive Maasai Mara National Park entrance fee

• Enjoy a full game drive on the second day and a morning game drive on the third day, sharing a van with seven other individuals.

The safari destinations in Kenya are huge and there are dozens of different campsites. We select the right Kenya lodge safaris for your needs. The majority of our budget safaris in Kenya usually involve camping in specific areas located within national parks or private reserves.

Some tips to go on budget Kenya Safari:

Go on Group Joining Safari:

A group safari involves like-minded people coming together to split the costs of accommodation, fuel, and meals during a trip. This approach is commonly used by budget-conscious individuals with great success.

Go During the Low Season

Consider visiting our wildlife parks during the low season, which coincides with the rainy season. As we are open year-round, you can take advantage of this time to enjoy wildlife viewing with fewer visitors. The reduced crowds not only provide a more serene experience but also result in lower expenses. By choosing to visit during this period, you can save up to 40% on your expenses.

Book In Advance

It is advisable to make your safari trip reservation 6 to 8 months ahead of time. It benefits you to enjoy some discounted prices. It will reduce the costs of logistics and accommodation as well.

Book with a Local Tour Operator

Make sure to contact BuyMore Adventures your local tour operator instead of through online booking platforms. Online companies take a commission for their offerings & deals. You may increase your likelihood of bargaining for improved prices with BuyMore Adventures.

Opt for Affordable Accommodation

Opting for affordable accommodation for your Kenya lodge safaris can drastically cut down on your expenses. We can provide budget-friendly accommodations with a bed and a private toilet.

Concentrate on Park

Many tourists aspire to explore numerous game reserves when embarking on a safari in Kenya. If you have a limited budget then reduce the duration and focus solely on a single park. You can effectively reduce expenses associated with domestic flights, rental vehicles, and various other miscellaneous costs.

Plan Carefully

Thorough preparation and thorough investigation are essential for successfully organizing a budget safari in Kenya. Explore the available options that align with your budget and priorities. Remember, having a limited budget does not mean you have to forgo the experience entirely. You are lucky to be with BuyMore Adventures! We offer you the best opportunities and make your Kenya safari a life-changing adventure.

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