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Migration Safari Kenya

The home to the African Big Five, an exciting array of big and small creatures, temporary residence of the ‘Great Migration’, mighty Maasai warriors, and some of the most luxurious safari lodges on earth makes Masai Mara a perfect Safari destination. Rolling hills, sprawling savannahs, dramatic river crossings, and of course more wildlife and adventure are the things that entices local & global travelers to Masai Mara in Kenya!

Do you have a limited budget and you want to explore the best of Masai Mara? Then you can opt for the Masai Mara budget safari. Budget Masai Mara safari includes some of the selected and well-known places within the country that offer the best sights and adventures. Let us have a look at some of the best places where you can enjoy your safari adventure while staying within your budget.

Masai Mara budget safari

Masai Mara Game Reserve
One of Kenya's most popular tourist sites, the Masai Mara Game Reserve, attracts a lot of clients' interest and appreciation. It is considered the jewel of wildlife viewing areas in Kenya. Every July through October, Masai Mara welcomes 1.5 million wildebeests onto its vast savannahs. The entire Reserve is brimming with life during such a period and offers safari travelers a wide variety of activities to choose from. You can discover more than 95 different species of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles here. Also, over 400 species of birds can be spotted here. You're guaranteed to leave the Masai Mara with lifelong memories and amazing experiences, whether you take to the sky for a sunrise hot-air balloon ride or hit the road for a 4x4 safari. When a safari is conducted properly, the experience is unrivaled.

Nairobi is one of the most adored cities in Kenya because of its divisive personality. Nairobi is a must-visit location for cheap excursions to the Masai Mara because of its vibrant cultural life, electrifying nightlife, and fantastic dining options. Your safari trip starts from Nairobi itself. It is a city with a magnificent national park at its doorstep offers some of the best wildlife attractions and a series of unusual sights. In this location, you can enjoy seeing animals like leopards, lions, and rhinos grazing on the grasslands amidst a backdrop of imposing buildings. In short, Nairobi carries a two-way lifestyle but in a balanced way, which makes it an ideal tourism destination for all avid travelers.

The Great Migration
It is world-famous for hosting the epic Great Migration. It welcomes 1,5 million wildebeests onto its sprawling savannahs each July through October. Our Masai Mara Safari is renowned for its yearly Wild best Migration and abundance of big cat sights along with numerous wildlife species. Perceive the beasts of the Great Migration roaming around the plains of Masai Mara and how they cross the Mara River in search of food & water. The Great Migration is the top reason why people join Masai Mara safaris. It should be a bucket list item as it gives a lifetime opportunity to explore something unique. So make sure to plan it. If you cannot plan your Masai Mara safaris during this season then you can opt for Tanzania’s Serengeti safari tour as well! We also offer budget safari trips to Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda.

You can venture off the beaten path in Kenya in addition to visiting these three major destinations. Are you are looking for adventure tours in Kenya then you can visit Amboseli National Park. The highest free-standing peak in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, can be seen magnificently from here. Here you can also enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Also, there is Lake Nakuru, Tsavo, Lake Naivasha, and more that you can include in your budget Masai Mara safari itinerary. Immerse yourself in the classic African Savannah & witness the wildlife in their natural habitat.

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