Customized Safari-Discover Iconic Destinations in Kenya

Iconic Destinations in Kenya

Kenya- The most revered safari destinations in East Africa allure local & global tourists year around. It is renowned for its National Parks, abundant wildlife, and annual Great Migration. It is a country brimming with passion, excitement, and adventure Journey! No one can beat the excitement of a Kenyan luxury safari.

Luxury Safari Kenya boasts spectacular natural beauty in such an unspoiled place on Earth. It also brings you up close and personal with Africa’s most sought-after wildlife. Enjoy a bit of adventure with the company that invented the modern & luxury safari.

What to do on a luxury safari

Most of the luxury safaris in Kenya focus on game drives & wildlife viewing. Days usually revolve around a morning and an evening drive. Sunset is observed from your safari lodge or camps. Gourmet &, multi-course dinners are prepared at your camp or lodge! After dark, you and other travelers might gather around an outdoor fire, stargaze, enjoy a night game drive, or simply take a rest in your room to get ready for the next glorious day on safari.

The first safari hurdle faced by travelers as a first timer is deciding what to explore during the safari trip. You have two options. One is the public parks and the other is the private reserve. Each journey offers a different travel experience. Activities like hot air ballooning, guided bush walks, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, scenic flights (and so much more) add diversity to your day.

At BuyMore Adventures, we ensure you experience a luxury Kenya Safari & Tour like no other! We care about your preference. This means we can offer a wide range of safari options that fits your budget and desire. We are backed by a dedicated team along with open & sturdy 4×4 safari vehicles. It is perfect to explore the wonderful sights in the region.

Are you looking for a more flexible, rustic, budget-friendly, luxury safari experience? Then opt for a luxury camp or lodge in the parks. Six-day luxury or semi-luxury safari is one of our products that clients appreciate much. We also offer a family-friendly holiday, romantic honeymoon, or photographic safari that draws most safari enthusiasts to this part of the African continent. Kenya has no shortage of luxurious safari camps and lodges when it comes to luxury safari.

How to plan the perfect safari

So, which safari are you? Do you seek a luxury or a semi-luxury or a classic safari on the timeless plains of East Africa? Are you eager to go off-road and see the most amazing wildlife up close? Do you want to take a nature walk or relax by your private pool? How would you like to conclude your safari? Choose your adventure with our dedicated team. We have the safari option for all tastes, budgets, and energy levels.

Is it your first safari? Planning what to include in the safari itinerary, packing, transportation, and lodging, can be daunting. First-time safari goers have so many questions in their minds. Why is Kenya the best safari destination? How long is the ideal safari? What do you wear on safari? How do they pack for a safari? Is it good to bring kids on safari? Is it safe? All such questions are not silly questions. From beginner tips, traveler legends, and packing lists, to helpful safari guides, wildlife, and even what to leave behind, we have everything you need. Consider BuyMore Adventures as your one-stop shop for all safari activities.

Where to go
Going on a luxury safari is unequivocally one of the most unforgettable experiences. You can put it at the top of your bucket list travel as it will give you the ultimate travel experience. It boasts a host of unique safari experiences that should not be missed. If you haven’t been on safari, you won’t experience the arresting beauty and unexpected drama that happens year around in Kenya.

• The Masai Mara Game Reserve: It hosts 400 to 500 bird species and 95 animal species, including all of the great predators.

• The Samburu Game Reserve: It is a key meeting place for wildlife. Besides lion, elephant, giraffe, and buffalo, it hosts several species only found north of the equator, such as Grevy's zebra and the long-necked gerenuk.

• Amboseli National Park: It is under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain, and a stunning backdrop. It is one of Kenya's most impressive displays of wildlife. It hosts some of the Big Fives of Africa, who share the area with lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, and other game.

• The Chyulus: - It is one of the great wilderness areas that stretch across eastern Kenya.

• Laikipia: It features an array of private game reserves and luxury safari camps, along with game populations that flourish within their protected boundaries. Find the "Big Five" Ol Pejeta, along with cheetah, Grevy's zebra. It is the only area in Kenya where you can find chimpanzees.

To conclude
If you prefer to have some more exclusive experience, then opt for a responsible safari operator. We pioneered as the top luxury safari operator in this region for decades. We make your Kenya luxury safaris an experience of a lifetime. Elevate your travel experience with a tailor-made six days luxury safari tour to Kenya. Call us today and our expert team assure you offer a bespoke tour to Kenya. We design the luxury safari just for you and your preferences.

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