Discover Kenya's Wilderness: Why Buy More Adventures is Your Ideal Choice for Lodge Safaris
Published Date : 10/27/2023 , published by : Admin
Kenya Lodge Safaris
When it comes to experiencing the untamed beauty of Kenya's wilderness through lodge safaris one name shines brightly: Buy More Adventures. With a commitment to excellence, eco-friendly practices, and unmatched expertise, Buy More Adventures stands as the premier choice for travellers seeking memorable and responsible Kenya lodge safaris. Here is why we are your ideal partner for an unforgettable adventure. Local Expertise and Passion We are a Kenyan-owned and operated safari company, which me
What I Will Expect In The Masai Mara During Wildebeest Migration?
Published Date : 10/13/2023 , published by : Admin
Masai Mara During Wildebeest Migration
The most renowned wildlife destination in Kenya is the Masai Mara National Reserve. It has earned its fame as a safari must-see over many years! The ease of spotting game and the Great Wildebeest Migration makes it a favorite safari destination for most local & global travelers. The game is easy to find here not only because of its numbers but for the flat and open landscape. What to see in the Masai Mara during wildebeest migration? Within 10 minutes of leaving the airstrip, you came acro
A Safari for All Seasons: The Best Time to Embark on a Luxury Safari in Kenya
Published Date : 9/28/2023 , published by : Admin
Safari for All Seasons
For both wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers, a luxury safari in Kenya fulfills a long-held dream. With its expansive landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and rich wildlife, Kenya stands as an ideal destination for an extraordinary safari adventure. Throughout the year, Kenya provides incredible opportunities for wildlife encounters, each season boasting its own distinct allure and exceptional experiences. Let us guide you the best times to plan your Kenya luxury safari, ensuring you make the

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