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5 Things That Make Masai Mara Migration Safari a Must Go for You

Published Date : 26/06/17 , published by : admin

The Great Opportunity to be View Kenya Wildebeest Migration

Enjoy Game Drives and Nature Walk in Kenya’s Best Safari Locations

No other wildlife adventure on the earth equals Kenya’s Migration for pure excitement. The huge herds of Zebra and other wildebeest make a great sight by following a path across the Serengeti Plains while entering into the Kenya’s legendry Masai Mara from Tanzania every year, searching for the newly borne grass during the seasonal rains. A bunch of predators can be seen indulged in silent pursuit. To view the migration in the Masai Mara is a safari enthusiast’s honest desire, and our Kenya Safari Company can fulfill it on budget with accommodation in clean and comfortable camps and transfer arranged in shared minibuses. There are exclusive options of Kenya lodge safaris to experience more intense game drive on the land of Kenya for long time. Going back to camp for rest and dinner every night and sharing stories around the hissing campfire under an open sky gleaming with stars.

What Makes Masai Mara Migration Safari a Must Go for You?

There is no doubt that the Kenya’s Masai Mara migration safari is one of the most wonderful nature events taking place on the earth every year. To be an actual spectator to the marvelous sight of millions of wildebeest and zebras crossing the Maasai Mara with predators chasing behind has no match on the planet—and for this, if ever you’re planning for a lifetime safari tour to East Africa to see the Masai Mara migration, you have to be sure that you are going for a full private and close experience of this natural phenomenon. Many Kenya Lodge safaris companies tag their safaris with the name “migration” but leave the guests to get trapped in overcrowded parks, uncomfortable vehicles and luxury safari lodges far away from wildlife passageways. Below are given the reasons why you should go for the Masai Mara migration with BuyMore Adventures:

1. The Shortest and the Best Migration Safari Itinerary
Our Masai Mara migration safari lasts for four days starting from Nairobi and ending at Masai Mara park with game viewing, big five spotting and bird watching, giving rise to prolific excitement. Though our itinerary is short yet the best to keep you immerged in the euphoria of the migration!

2. Clean and Comfortable Camps for Accommodation & Wildlife Action
We have clean and comfortable camps nearby the Nakuru lake where you can stay overnight and easily spot wildlife in action including stork, pelican, flamingo, white rhino, giraffe, buffalo, warthog and others. There is also scope for relaxing a lot with morning walk by the lake shore in the cold breeze.  

3. Small Size Group for Better Wildlife Spotting
We organize Masai Mara migration safari with small number of group members so that each of them can get a clear and perfect view of the wildlife, click photographs faster and better and be left with a personalize trip experience by watching the game drive from the best angles.  

4. Comfortable and Shared Transfer in Our Safari Minivans
You will have convenient transfer in hatch roof safari minibuses, getting unblocked game views and photography opportunities. Unlike other Kenya Safari companies, our vehicles have comfortable seating and flexible features to let you get closer to the wildebeest.

5. Amazing Safari Activities within Masai Mara Park
Our Kenya migration safari takes you to the legendry Masai Mara park where you can enjoy guided nature walks, night/afternoon game drive, bird spotting and many more exciting activities that will be cherished for lifetime.  

If you are waiting for long to see the nature’s greatest spectacles when Masai Mara is being traversed by millions of wildebeest and have maximum fun of watching them in action, BuyMore Adventures has be the best options on offer. We offer 4 day Masai Mara Migration Safari with camp accommodation and minibus transfer to let you peep into the best sightings visible on the open plains of Masai Mara. To take your Kenya safari adventure to a new level with guided nature walks, bird spotting, big five drive and more such activities, consider calling on +254-729-242950  and booking 4 day Masai Mara Migration Safari with BuyMore Adventures.

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